RENTER’S NAME _________________________________________________________

DELIVERY DATE ______________________   TIME _________________(    ) AM  (    ) PM

PICK-UP DATE     ______________________   TIME _________________(    ) AM  (    ) PM

RENTAL ITEMS: ___________________________________________________________________________________________



This Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver is entered into between _______________________________________________

(Renter) and Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC.  The undersigned Renter agrees to the following conditions and terms of the Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver:

1.  OWNERSHIP.  All rental items are the property of Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC.  Full right, title and ownership of the equipment will be retained at all times with Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC.

2.  INSPECTION.  Renter has examined the rental items and found all items to be in good condition at the time of delivery, and agrees to return all items in the same condition as received (normal use expected).  

 Notes to condition of items: _________________________________________________________________________________


3.  RENTAL PERIOD.  Renter agrees to have the item(s) in good condition, ready for pick-up at the above-stated date, time, and location.  Renter is responsible for requesting any changes or extensions to the rental period by phone or email as soon as possible.  Authorization for any changes to the rental period requested by Renter may be made verbally or in writing by Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC.  Any extension of the above-stated rental period may result in additional charges to Renter.   If the early return of rental items is requested, no credit will be given for unused days.

Your family’s safety is important to us.   In the event of a voluntary or mandatory hurricane evacuation at the rental location, Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC will contact Renter to arrange a time to pick up all item(s), and will credit Renter for the pro rated number of unused days remaining in the rental period.

4.  USE OF EQUIPMENT.  Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC will provide applicable manufacturer’s instruction manual(s) to Renter.  In addition, Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC will offer to demonstrate the set up and use of equipment when delivered.  Renter is responsible for reading and following instructions and warnings for the safe and proper use of the equipment.  Renter agrees to use all item(s) as intended by the manufacturer, comply with manufacturer’s instructions, and not exceed weight or other limits established by the manufacturer.


Cribs - Kids in Tow Rentals, LLC will assemble full size cribs at delivery.  Renter agrees not to disassemble and move crib from its original location, which may cause damage.  

Safety Gates - Pressure mounted safety gates are NOT to be used at the top of stairs.  

Car Seats - Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC will not install car seats.  Installation instructions are contained in a manual attached to each car seat.  Proper installation videos are also provided at the Britax website.  Additionally, car seat safety inspection centers are located in the Wilmington, NC area, and can provide instructions to ensure your car seat is properly installed.  Renter agrees to notify Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC within 24 hours of any incident or accident involving a rented car seat.

6.  DAMAGES.  In addition to charges incurred for the rental period, Renter will be charged for all costs associated with the repair, replacement, or cleaning of item(s) that are returned damaged, missing parts (including instruction manuals), or are returned in exceptionally dirty/stained condition.  In the event any item(s) are returned in a condition that renders the item(s) unsuitable to be rented (at the sole discretion of Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC), Renter will be obligated to purchase the item(s) and will be charged for the replacement cost of the item(s) plus any related shipping charges, in addition to charges incurred for the rental period.  

7.  LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.  Any item(s) not returned by Renter for any reason at the end of the above-stated or authorized pick-up time will be charged to Renter at the replacement cost of the item(s) in addition to charges incurred for the rental period.

8.  LIABILITY WAIVER.  Renter is fully responsible for the safekeeping and use of rental item(s) during the above-stated (or authorized) rental period.   Renter and his/her successors and/or agents, agree to hold Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC harmless from any liability, claims, or actions resulting from damage to property, loss, or injury (including death) caused by or arising from the use or misuse of any rental item(s), including the failure of the equipment to function as intended by the manufacturer.

The undersigned Renter has read and agrees to all of the terms and conditions set out above.   The action of accepting the rented item(s) constitutes a binding agreement of the above contract.

Signed ______________________________________________    Date _______________

Copyright 2009-2019 Kids In Tow Rentals, LLC

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